Primary School English Teacher
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Salary: Competitive   City:Hangzhou  Start Date: July 2019Curriculum: IBPYP & National

Work VisaPaid HolidaysHousingFlight 

Primary School English Teacher

Salary: Competitive

City:HangzhouStart Date:July 2019Curriculum:IBPYP & National

Benefits:Work VisaPaid HolidaysHousingFlight 

1. Native English speaker 
2. At least 3 years of teaching experience at relevant subject and school level
3. ESL teaching experience in K-6 is preferred
4. Graduate degree or graduate certificate in English or ESL
5. The ability to adapt to changing work priorities and maintain flexible working hours

Job Description:
1. Participate in the curriculum design of English subject
2. Develop and deliver lesson plans that utilize a broad range of appropriate teaching techniques and strategies
3. Plan, organize, and provide instruction in English that meet school standards
4. Design and deliver English related optional courses as needed Supervises students in out-of-class activities during the assigned working day

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