Middle School Maths Teacher
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Salary: Competitive   City:Dongguan  Start Date: Aug 2019Curriculum: US Common Core

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Middle School Maths Teacher

Salary: Competitive

City:DongguanStart Date:Aug 2019Curriculum:US Common Core

Benefits:Work VisaPaid HolidaysHousingFlight 

1. Native English speaker with excellent verbal and written English language skills;
2. Master's Degree of math related subjects supported with a teaching certificate/training;
3. Previous experience of teaching within an ESL or start-up environment will be advantageous;
4. Flexibility, patience and team spirits are also desirable assets.

Job Description:
1. To be responsible as a Math teacher or/and primary homeroom teacher;
2. To provide a nurturing, caring and supportive environment for students;
3. To enhance the improvement of math skills for all students;
4. To provide students with the structures necessary for success in middle school Math courses;
5. To support the use of collaborate group work during class time;
6. To participate actively in curriculum writing;
7. To work closely and cooperatively with the other teachers;
8. To promote cross-cultural understanding among the students;
9. To maintain a strong, positive and informative relationship with parents and prepare for and participate in all parent meetings;
10. To actively engage in professional development;
11. Occasionally to cover a class for a colleague;
12. To manage a study hall if needed.

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