Secondary School Geography Teacher
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Salary: 20-25k   City:Shanghai  Start Date: Sep 2019Curriculum: IBMYP & IBDP

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Secondary School Geography Teacher

Salary: 20-25k

City:ShanghaiStart Date:Sep 2019Curriculum:IBMYP & IBDP

Benefits:Work VisaHousingFlight 

1. Bachelor degree or above in subject-related area;
2. Compliance with visa requirements for working in China;
3. Native English Speakers preferred;
4. Subject teaching experience preferred.

Job Description:
1. Write the outline of the subject, implement teaching and learning, assess the students, and inform students to attend external assessment, all according to IB subjects guides;
2. Attend the training sessions on-and-off-campus and meetings related to specific subjects;
3. Organize effective class activities & student organization activities;
4. Teach 18 lesson hours per week (40 mins per lesson hour).

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