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Salary: Competitive   City:Beijing  Start Date: Aug 2019Curriculum: National and Fusion Courses

Work VisaPaid HolidaysHousingFlight 

Principal Teacher

Salary: Competitive

City:BeijingStart Date:ASAPCurriculum:National and Fusion Course

Benefits:Work VisaPaid HolidaysHousingFlight 

1. Native English Speaker;
2. At least 5 years of school management experience;
3. Educational Leadership certificate preferred;
4. Proven track record in leading CPD programmes.

Job Description:
1. Uphold educational policies and integrate the core guidelines into each class curriculum;
2. Create benchmarks for students and teachers and track progress towards those goals,and directly report to school board;
3. Supervision of Instruction. The primary duty is to develop and implement an effective instructional program appropriate to the pupils in his school. Careful attention should be given to the supervision of teachers and other instructional personnel working in the school;
4. Conduct, under the direction of  school board, studies and investigations to improve instructional procedure;
5. Respond immediately to concerns from parents and school board administrators;
6. Develop training programs that improve teacher performance and assist students in understanding class material better;
7. School Events.Planning and organization of International Division events and celebrations Halloween, English week, Book fairs, Science week, Student Led Conferences, Student Parent teacher conferences, Whole School Professional development, Field Trip program, School production program;
8. Involve in Hiring of teachers (FH and Bilingual) and Teacher Assistants including interviews, analysis of needs and assessing suitability of candidates;
9. Provide a hiring profile with teaching hours and duties outlined for all FH, Bilingual and TAs;
10. Liaise with Kindergarten, National School, Administrative departments, Board, Human Resources, High School, IT department and hold regular meetings with the above. Plan regularly cross school and division events;
11. Mentor professional development programs for Bilingual, National and Foreign hire teachers and Teacher assistants;
12. Involve in policy development and implementation;
13. Involve in admissions and marketing.

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