Secondary Mathematics Teacher
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Salary: Competitive   City:Beijing  Start Date: Aug 2019Curriculum: IMYC and IBDP

Work VisaPaid HolidaysHousingFlight 

Secondary Mathematics Teacher

Salary: Competitive

City:BeijingStart Date:Aug 2019Curriculum:IMYC and IBDP

Benefits:Work VisaPaid HolidaysHousingFlight 

1. Participates in the art education curriculum design;
2. Teaches knowledge and skills in art, including crafts, drawing, painting, lettering, design, commercial art, art history, and/or three-dimensional art to primary and secondary students;
3. Provides instruction by which students develop aesthetic concepts and appreciations and the ability to make qualitative judgments about art;
4. Provides individual and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of students with varying intellectual and artistic abilities, and to accommodate a variety of instructional activities;
5. Evaluates each student’s performance and growth in knowledge and aesthetic understandings, and prepares progress reports;
6. Supervises students in out-of-class activities during the assigned working day.

Job Description:
1. Implement and deliver an ambitious, appropriately broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum for students;
2. Use a variety of delivery methods which will stimulate learning appropriate to student needs and demands of the syllabus;
3. Positively targeting and supporting individual learning needs;
4. Maintaining high levels of behaviour and discipline;
5. Using modern educational technology to enhance learning opportunities;
6. Making use of the group’s online Global Campus;
7. Establish a purposeful and safe learning environment for all students;
8. Mark, grade and give written/verbal and diagnostic feedback as required.

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