English Language & Literature Teacher Teacher
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Salary: 20-35k after tax   City:Beijing  Start Date: Aug 2019Curriculum: IB MYP & DP

Work VisaPaid HolidaysHousingFlight 

English Language and Literature Teacher

Salary: 20-35k after tax

City:BeijingStart Date:Aug 2019Curriculum:IB MYP & DP

Benefits:Work VisaPaid HolidaysHousingFlight 

1. Have at least 2 years of IB MYP & DP English teaching experience;
2. Bachelor degree or above in relevant area;
3. Registered teaching license required;
4. Fluency in English.

Job Description:
1. Undertakes such teaching duties as stipulated in the contract of employment;
2. Carry out such other related duties and responsibilities as may reasonably be requested by the Principal within the limitations of the teacher’s contract;
3. Understands and adheres to the Teachers Essential Agreements;
4. Creates a positive, stimulating, academic and risk free environment in which students can thrive educationally and socially;
5. Attends all regular departmental or team meetings. 

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