Academic Principal & IB Coordinator
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Salary: Negotiable   City:Qingdao  Start Date: Aug 2019Curriculum: IB

Work VisaPaid HolidaysHousingFlight 

Academic Principal & IB Coordinator

Salary: Negotiable

City:QingdaoStart Date:Aug 2019Curriculum:IB

Benefits:Work VisaPaid HolidaysHousingFlight 

1. Master's degree or above, better with the Principal Profession Certificate;
2. At least five years' experience as IB Coordinator in international schools;
3. At least three years' experience as Principal in international schools with abundant experience in school operation and management;
4. Attended the IBO training, obtained the certificate;
5. Familiar with international leading curriculum and education development trends and enthusiastic about working with Chinese colleagues and parents.

Job Description:
1. Responsible for IB curriculum development, design of teaching plan, construction and training of teaching staff, and administration of foreign management team;
2. Responsible for IB accreditation and organization work;
3. Assist the Principal with IB implementation and management;
4. Communicate and coordinate with the IBO and other related departments of the school to ensure teaching quality;
5. Reasonably arrange teaching and other relevant work and implement control of teaching process.

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